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VAT return filing Dubai UAE

VAT Return Filing Services In Dubai UAE

The VAT Return Filing Dubai UAE is a mandatory procedure for all taxable businesses. Once you are registered for VAT in UAE, you must file your VAT return as per the tax period allocated for your business. The return filing period will be disclosed on your VAT certificate. 

The related VAT liability payments must be made within 28 days after the end of the tax period. In that case, the company will be subject to VAT fines and VAT audits if non-compliance continues.

In The UAE, How Do I Fill Out A VAT Return? Form 201 For Returning VAT

Companies that are registered for VAT must file their tax returns online at eservices.tax.gov.ae, which is the FTA portal, and fill out Form 201:

  • Information about the person paying taxes.
  • Issue date of the VAT registration
  • The due date for the VAT return..
  • Value-added tax (VAT) on all sales and other products.
  • You can take a VAT deduction on all costs and other inputs.
  • Net VAT due.
  • Added rules about how to make reports.
  • A signed statement from a qualified person.
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What Is The Importance Of VAT Return Filing In The UAE?

VAT Return filing is the legal tax statement a registered business must send to the Federal Tax Authority by the due date. It must be filled out often by the taxable person, depending on their tax time. Filing a VAT report not only confirms that your business is running but also protects your business by giving you legal certainty and benefits during the tax payment process, which can keep you from losing money.

Paying VAT is a sign of good faith for a business

  • Getting along well at work. Many big companies don’t want to do business with companies that aren’t VAT-registered.
  • Proper VAT accounting makes it clear how the business is doing. 
  • When correctly filing of, VAT is easier to manage than any other secondary tax.
  • As a great way to figure out how money matters in light of growth.
  • Makes sure that all tax documents are sent in.
  • Tax checks will happen less often if VAT filings are reported regularly and follow the law.

What Happens If You Don’t Send And Pay VAT Returns In UAE?

If you were late filing your VAT return, If you haven’t paid your VAT by the deadline,
AED 1,000 FOR THE FIRST DELAY.  2% all at once the next day after the deadline for paying unpaid taxes.
AED 2,000 FOR REPEATED NONCOMPLIANCE WITHIN 24 MONTHS. After that, 4% of the tax that has yet to be paid is added every month until the tax is paid.
On any amount still owed one month after the payment window, a charge of up to 300 percent is added.

VAT Return Filing UAE

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How Do Companies In The UAE File Their VAT Returns?

Businesses use the FTA or Federal tax authority portal to file their VAT returns and put the information on the VAT 201 form. The taxpayer should go to the FTA e-services site and look for the VAT 201-VAT return form.

Fill out the form with the following information:

  • Details about the taxpaying person
  • Return time for VAT
  • Sales and production VAT
  • Costs and Investments VAT
  • Net VAT due. You need to file a report
  • Signer with permission and statement

After sending the application with all the necessary information, FTA confirms the submission of the VAT return form through email. 

How Will Highmark Accountants Help In Making VAT Return Filing?

Our VAT experts at Highmark Accountants can help and guide you through the process of making a VAT return:

  • Our VAT expert will come to your business once a month or once every three months to collect and set up the financial data needed to file the VAT Return.
  • At the end of each VAT return period, Highmark Accountants will make your company’s VAT return according to the FTA’s rules and regulations.
  • Highmark Accountants will make sure that each tax period’s VAT returns are made by the deadline.
  • Highmark accountants will make sure that all of your company’s financial processes are VAT compliant and follow the VAT laws as per FTA.
  • Highmark accountants will review and check the VAT-related transactions to make sure that the right amount of VAT is being charged on sales as output tax and that the VAT charged by the supplier is being claimed properly.
  • Highmark accountants will give advice and views based on the latest trends and changes in VAT to make sure compliance and keep FTA from giving VAT fines.
  • A regular review of the books of accounts and an estimate of how well documents are kept will help make sure that VAT rules are followed.

FAQs On VAT Return Filing In UAE

At the end of each tax period, VAT-registered companies or “taxable persons” must send a “VAT return” to Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

You must use the FTA portal, eservices.tax.gov.ae, to file your tax return online. Make sure you’ve met all the tax returns standards before you fill out the VAT return form on the portal.

Taxable companies must send FTA their VAT returns regularly, usually within 28 days of the end of their “tax period,” which is different for each type of business. A “tax period” is a set amount of time for which the tax that needs to be paid must be calculated and paid. The normal tax year is:

Businesses with a yearly revenue of less than AED150 million pay quarterly, while businesses with an annual revenue of AED150 million or more pay monthly.

The FTA can give a different tax time to a certain type of business if it wants to. Cabinet order No. 40 of 2017 on administrative fines for breaking Tax Laws in the UAE (PDF, 1 MB) says that people will have to pay fines if they don’t file their tax returns by the due date.

Businesses in UAE need to send VAT returns to the FTA to report their VAT transactions and figure out how much VAT they owe or are owed.

Once you’ve signed up for VAT in the UAE, you have 28 days from the end of your tax period to file your VAT report and pay any related VAT.

Yes, you can file your VAT return in Dubai or any other emirate in UAE through the online portal provided by the FTA.

A VAT return filing service in Dubai helps businesses file their returns on time and avoid fines. Because of this, companies like Highmark accountants are always ready to help people in Dubai file their VAT returns so they can follow the rules for VAT in the United Arab Emirates.

To file a VAT return in the UAE, you must log in to the FTA online portal, eservices.tax.gov.ae, to file your tax return online. Enter the needed information about your VAT transactions and send the return electronically.

The VAT return filing charges in the UAE may change depending on the service provider you choose. It is advisable to hire Highmark accountants for different services because we are experts in the field, and the charge is nominal.

Yes, there is a penalty for late VAT return filing in UAE. The FTA imposes a penalty for each day of delay, which is calculated based on a percentage of the unpaid tax amount.

Yes, our VAT return filing assistance will provide step-by-step instructions on how to file a VAT return in UAE, ensuring compliance with the FTA regulations and avoiding any penalties.

The format for VAT return filing in UAE is standardized and provided by the FTA. It includes different sections to report your taxable supplies, purchases, and taxes payable or recoverable.

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