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VAT Registration Services In UAE

Registration for VAT happens online. If a business or person wants to sign up for VAT, they have to make an account on the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) website.

For VAT registration, you need some official papers. Before sending a VAT register application to the FTA, you need to fill out some necessary forms. The VAT Certificate will be sent out after the Tax Registration Number (TRN) is approved. Every VAT certificate will have a Tax Registration Number (TRN) unique to that certificate.

How To Register In UAE For VAT

In UAE, you can register for VAT online through the VAT registration system on the government website www.tax.gov.ae.  Once the application is sent in, the FTA will look over the information and papers sent in. If everything meets the requirements, the request will be accepted, and you will be given a tax identification number (TRN). Once the process of registering for VAT is done, the Ministry of Finance will give the business a VAT certificate, which is a legal document that says the business is registered under the VAT Law in the UAE. The following are the basics of a VAT Certificate:

  • Number of Registration for VAT
  • Issue date of the VAT registration
  • Address of the person or business that signed up for VAT.
  • The due date for VAT return
  • When tax times begin and end
  • Penalty for not signing up for VAT.

Any business that doesn’t finish the VAT registration process by the deadline set by the Federal Tax Authority or doesn’t submit registration after passing the manual threshold limit will have to pay a fine of AED 20,000.

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How Important It Is To Register For VAT?

Experts say that putting VAT in place in UAE will help the country’s economy and business owners in the long run. The important reasons why it’s important to register for VAT in Dubai are:

  • It makes the business look better.
  • It stops fines that aren’t necessary.
  • It lets people get VAT returns.
  • It makes the market more open.

What Is The Online VAT Registration Procedure In UAE?

You must use the Federal Tax Authority website to sign up for VAT in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.

The steps to register for VAT in the UAE are as follows:

  1. The candidate needs to sign up online at the website of the Federal tax authority.
  2. The VAT application form would need information about the business, such as:

Describe what a business does.

Number of sales in the last 12 months.

Estimated sales numbers for the future.

Expected numbers for imports and exports.

If you plan to do business with GCC providers or customers.

Information about registering with the customs office, if needed

  1. Among the papers needed, but not limited to a Document identifying the authorized signatory, e.g., Emirates ID (Authorised signatory can be a director, owner, or someone with a power of attorney to sign on behalf of the business).
  2. License to trade.

Other official papers, like a certificate of incorporation, permit the entity to do business in the UAE.

  1. The organization’s rules
  2. Details about a bank account

If you register successfully, you will get a Tax Registration Number (TRN) within 20 days. Find out how to sign up for VAT in the UAE and how to sign up for VAT in Dubai. If you want to know more, ask now.

VAT Registration Services

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What Is The Process Of VAT Registration In The UAE?

Any business in UAE that makes more than the mandatory or voluntary registration limits may have to register for VAT or may be able to. There are two different ways to register for VAT:

  • Mandatory Registration
  • Voluntary Registration

Mandatory VAT registration in UAE

Companies must register for VAT if: the total value of their taxable sales and imports over the past 12 months was more than the required registration threshold or The business is sure that in the next 30 days, the total value of its taxable goods and imports will be more than the amount that requires registration. The amount of money above which you have to register is AED 375,000. This limit doesn’t apply to businesses in other countries; it only applies to companies registered in UAE.

Voluntary VAT registration in UAE

Companies that do business in UAE can also sign up for VAT on their own if:  the total value of their taxable supplies, imports, or taxable costs in the last 12 months is more than the threshold for voluntary registration.  or The business thought that in the next 30 days, the total value of its taxable supplies, imports, and taxable costs would be more than the bar for voluntary registration. The Federal Tax Authority has a website where you can sign up for online VAT registration in UAE and get your Tax Registration Number (TRN).

Why Highmark Accountants For VAT Registration In UAE?

  • All businesses in UAE must be in full compliance with VAT and follow all the rules and laws of the FTA. This lets them keep figuring out if your company needs to register for VAT.
  • Highmark knows that the application process can be time-consuming so that we will sign you up for VAT with FTA. 
  • We’ll do all of the evaluations and make sure you’re registered once you’ve met all of the requirements. 
  • If you are thinking about signing up on your own, we will also look at whether it will save your business money or help it grow in the long run.
  • Highmark accountants offer services for registering a business for VAT and for registering a Tax Group.
  • We will sign you up for VAT and review it, paying attention to all of your worries and making sure all of the key checks are done. 
  • The fact that we have so many VAT registrations shows that our clients believe us, which makes us look more reliable. 
  • By registering for VAT through Highmark accountants, businesses can save on costs by getting the VAT they’ve already paid back. This money will then be used for other operations.

FAQs On VAT Registration In UAE

VAT registration in the UAE is how businesses and people sign up with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to follow the Value-Added Tax (VAT) law in the country.

Any business or individual that meets the VAT registration threshold set by the FTA must register for VAT in UAE. The registration threshold can vary depending on the nature of the business activity.

The FTA gives a full list of all the business activities that require registering for VAT. You can look at their rules or talk to a professional to find out if your business activity is covered.

Yes, people who run businesses that bring in enough money to meet the registration threshold must sign up for VAT. This makes sure that the VAT law is followed and keeps fines from being imposed.

Yes, the FTA provides an online VAT registration form for businesses and individuals to complete the registration process conveniently.

In UAE, you must fill out an online registration form, send in the necessary papers, pay the registration fee (if there is one), and then wait for approval from the FTA.

The VAT registration fee in UAE can be different, so it’s best to check the FTA guidelines or talk to a VAT registration service for the most correct information.

In the UAE, VAT charges are based on the VAT rate that applies to the goods or services. The FTA gives a complete guide to VAT fees and how to figure them out.

Yes, the FTA has an online tool that businesses and people can use to find out if someone is registered for VAT or not.

A VAT registration number is a unique number that is given to businesses and people who are registered. It is made by the FTA and given out after registration is complete.

Yes, there are services in UAE that help people sign up for VAT and walk them through the whole process. These services make sure that everything is legal and correct.

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