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Privacy Policy

Highmark Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers the websites that Highmark Inc. (“Highmark”) runs in the UAE. Highmark is a company whose main office is in [City, State, Country]. This includes www.highmark.com and other websites that Highmark makes and runs (together, the “Site”). It’s important to know that the privacy policies for our job board, www.highmark.com, and the Alumni Career Center website, careercenter.highmark.com, are different.

Not this Privacy Policy, but the client agreements that give you access to the Extranet set the rules for the Highmark services you can access through this site.

We know how important it is for our users to be safe on the web, so Highmark puts their privacy first. Highmark has set some of the world’s best technology and operational security standards to keep personally identifiable information from getting lost, misused, changed, or destroyed. Even with these safety measures, Highmark can’t promise that people who shouldn’t have access to your personal information won’t be able to get it. This Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time by Highmark. Because of this, we recommend that people who visit our Site always look at the most recent version. The date of the last change in this document is its end.

When you contact Highmark or ask for information on the Site, you give us information that lets us know who you are. This includes subscription forms, questions about our consulting services, agreeing to get emails from Highmark, and agreeing to take surveys when you apply for jobs at Highmark. You permit Highmark to share this information, which includes your name, email address, job title, business or school affiliation, and the information you give them. Any information that could be used to find out who you are will be kept from Highmark. They may share this information for marketing and advertising purposes. Sometimes, people send us email addresses, but we will only give them to others or send them spam if the following things happen. To stop receiving emails from Highmark in the future, go to the “preferences” page in any Highmark email and unsubscribe from our programs. You can also change the personally identifiable information you gave Highmark by responding to any Highmark email. We may share personal information with others if the law requires it or if we think it’s essential to:

  • Follow the rules that the law sets for us or our affiliates.
  • Protect and secure the rights of our users and our property.
  • Make sure that our users and the public are safe.

By using our Site to apply for a job, you agree that Highmark can use the information you give them for any reason, including processing your application and advertising and marketing.

Suppose you sign up as a Highmark alum on our site. In that case, Highmark will take care of your alum file management information, including mailings, surveys, and keeping and sharing contacts for marketing and career development. You consent to sharing your information within the Highmark group and with other alums, possibly in countries with different privacy laws. Do not sign up as a Highmark alumnus to avoid having your information processed or shared without your permission. If you have already signed up, please get in touch with [email protected].

When your web browser visits our Site, we use cookies and other technologies to learn more about it. “Cookies” are text files your internet browser saves on your computer’s hard drive. Our webpage uses cookies and other technologies to store user information while on the site. This makes navigating more accessible and lets us collect anonymous visitor information to improve the website for marketing reasons. You can change your cookie settings by navigating to your browser’s “help” section.

This Privacy Policy doesn’t cover information you give in chat rooms or other public online spaces like these, even those linked to our Site. Persons who do not own the data can still collect and use it. Some user forums may also show the poster’s IP address along with their name and message. Highmark isn’t in charge of the actions or rules of third parties that collect information from the Site’s public forums.

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