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VAT Consultancy Services In Dubai UAE

Highmark experience and in-depth knowledge of VAT registration and an excellent track record, Highmark VAT consultants in Dubai will solve all VAT-related problems. If a business makes even one mistake with VAT, the FTA will find them heavily. In that case, you will avoid those VAT fines by getting advice from a skilled consultancy. VAT is a very complicated topic that should only be handled by VAT experts with the right experience and knowledge. The goal of our VAT consultancy is to give all businesses in UAE the best and most reliable VAT options. Highmark VAT consultancy will help your business make sure it is in full compliance with FTA VAT rules.

Highmark provides VAT advisory services such as:

VAT consultancy, registration, consulting, training, returns as well as compliance with tax laws and regulations are just some of the problems that Dubai VAT consultants are able to tackle because of their extensive experience, comprehensive understanding, and good track record in the field of VAT registration.  

Since VAT started on January 1, 2018, companies have been looking for the top VAT consultants in Dubai. These consultants are registered with the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority (FTA) as a tax agency and a dedicated tax agent. 

Why Do Companies Need Highmark VAT Consultants In UAE?

At Highmark VAT Consultants, 

  • we cover all areas of VAT and Excise Tax in UAE and offer a wide range of tax consulting services in Dubai. 
  • Our expert tax consultants in Dubai provide complete tax consulting services. 
  • We use our knowledge of VAT law and the business world to help your company handle any situation. 
  • Our tax experts offer the best consultancy services to make sure that all the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) rules are fulfilled.
  • At Highmark Accountants, we cover all areas of VAT and Excise Tax in UAE and offer a wide range of tax consulting services in Dubai. 
  • Our expert tax consultants in Dubai provide complete tax consulting services. 
  • We use our knowledge of VAT law and the business world to help your company handle any situation. 
  • Our tax experts offer the best consultancy services to make sure that all the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) rules are fulfilled.
  • The accountants at Highmark in Dubai will do a tax health check by looking at how taxes affect your business. 
  • We’ll give you suggestions that work well and meet FTA standards. 
  • Highmark Accountants will handle all your VAT and Excise Tax issues and give you advice based on the latest changes to VAT laws and rules.
  • Highmark Accountants focuses on helping clients with things related to vat. 
  • Highmark has been giving ongoing professional help to make sure that VAT rules are followed correctly. 
  • We’ll help your business by looking at your transactions and settling any tax issues that come up. 
  • As a VAT specialist accounting company in the UAE, Highmark Accountants makes sure that all of its clients know what they need to know.
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Different Kinds Of Tax Consulting

The tax consulting services that Highmark Accountants offers in Dubai cover two types of tax. VAT consultancy. Excise tax consulting.

Consultants for VAT in Dubai, UAE

VAT has a lot of very complicated cases that take work for businesses to handle. To avoid VAT fees and penalties in UAE, Tax Registered Businesses must follow the rules and laws set by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Companies that want expert advice on VAT usually hire VAT services in Dubai. This way, the companies can make sure that they aren’t breaking any VAT Laws. Businesses must be led by a VAT expert who knows the laws and rules of the VAT system and how it works. They will help the business use VAT in a way that follows the law.

Consultancy for Excise Tax

It is important to know about any possible UAE Excise Tax responsibilities you or your business may have. But it is always up to business to make sure that all compliance obligations are met. The FTA has the power to do audits and fine businesses that don’t follow their Excise Tax responsibilities. Before making any decisions about whether or not excise tax applies in UAE, businesses should talk to tax experts to avoid paying fines.

How Is VAT Calculated In UAE?

Output VAT

Calculating VAT is a long and complicated process that needs a list of all taxable sales and exports for the period. This is called Output VAT.

Input VAT

After subtracting net supplies for Input VAT from output VAT, the VAT return must be filed through the Federal Tax Authority’s online site.

Filing a VAT

Businesses in the UAE facing challenges with VAT return filing due to complex regulations can benefit from top VAT consultancy firms in Dubai. These firms ensure compliance with Federal Tax Authority (FTA) rules, reducing the risk of fines for errors in VAT handling. Highmark VAT consultants, recognized as leaders in Dubai, offer expert guidance on all aspects of VAT, keeping abreast of FTA updates and regulations. Their precise and reliable assistance ensures businesses navigate VAT requirements effectively, minimizing the possibility of penalties. Trusting in experienced consultants like Highmark facilitates smooth VAT management and adherence to FTA guidelines, crucial for businesses in the UAE.

VAT Consultants In Dubai

Highmark Vat consultants in Dubai are not replaceable by an ordinary team of vat consultants in UAE. We are the one-stop solution provider for Vat audit services in UAE on which your business depends. We will door for successful business in Dubai.

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What Are The Fines For VAT In Dubai?

Penalties and fines are a drag on your business that you don’t want. The following are the punishments for not paying VAT in UAE. If you don’t keep good records and information, you’ll have to pay a fine of AED 10,000 the first time and AED 50,000 the second time. If you don’t give the authority to your accounts when they ask for them, register within the time limit, and name a legal agent, you’ll have to pay a fine of AED 20,000. In UAE, if you don’t tell the FTA about a change, you’ll have to pay a fine of AED 5,000 the first time and AED 15,000 the second time.

Impact Of VAT In Dubai UAE In Different Sectors

Services Impact
The digital marketing services All services, among them Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, Marketing through e-mail and other social media is taxed at 5% VAT.
Services for real estate During the lease or sale of a home, there is no VAT to pay.
Financial Services and Products Based on Islamic Finance There will be no tax on the supply of financial services and goods related to Islamic finance. The rest of the financial services will have a VAT rate of 5%, according to the Dubai VAT Law.
Services for education The Dubai VAT Law says that there is no tax on any training services.
Services for phones and computers There will be a 5% VAT in Dubai on services like telecommunications and computer services. However, there will be no tax on the sale of telecommunications services.
Transportation service providers All domestic and international travel is free of VAT or zero-rated, with the exception of business or tourist travel on public transportation, which is charged 5% VAT.
Business for Sale Under the UAE VAT Regime, there is no tax on the sale or transfer of a business or a separate part of a business that is still running.
Services for Healthcare Healthcare is not taxed, except for medicines and medical tools that aren’t on the Cabinet Decision list. For those, 5% VAT will be added.

Benefits Of Hiring Highmark VAT Consultants In UAE

  • Why hiring Highmark VAT experts in UAE is a good idea.
  • VAT compliance problems and control 
  • Reducing VAT bills as much as possible
  •  Identifying risks and the best ways to deal with them.
  •  Looking for likely tax planning chances.
  •  Filing and paying VAT by collecting and putting together all transactions for VAT filing in a format set by FTA.
  •  Making a list of all sales, purchases, and outgoing and incoming VAT information.
  •  Keeping track of and organizing data.
  • Training the organization’s staff on how to use and comply with VAT.
  • Helping businesses improve their tax plans by making sure their business structure is the best it can be.
  • Chances of missing the date are cut to zero, so compliance is always made.
  • Timely updates to clients about new submissions make for a strong compliance system.
  • Using the most up-to-date tax tools to file taxes quickly.
  • Updated the program that calculates VAT, making sure there are no mistakes or differences.

FAQs VAT Consultants In UAE

An FTA-registered person in UAE is a tax agent. A Taxable Person hires a Tax Agent to represent them and help them meet their tax responsibilities. FTA tells Tax Agents what they need to do to be eligible. In UAE, Tax Agents are required to sign up with the FTA and get a Tax Agent license.

The UAE started charging VAT on January 1, 2018, to bring in more money for the benefit of its people. Putting VAT in place in the UAE is good for the growth of businesses right now. VAT in UAE will help improve infrastructure by giving money to public infrastructure, make businesses more efficient by making them more organized, improve debt management and cash flow, and provide the government a boost by making the economy more stable.

VAT consultancy is the professional help experienced experts give businesses to help them understand and comply with Value-Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST) rules. Consultants provide companies in the UAE with expert advice, direction, and solutions that are made to fit their needs.

VAT consultancy firms in UAE offer a wide range of specialized services, such as help with VAT registration, VAT compliance and reporting, VAT audits, VAT impact analysis, VAT training and workshops, VAT planning and structuring, and overall VAT advisory services to help businesses comply with VAT rules while making the most of their finances.

VAT advisers in Dubai offer expert advice on how to plan and structure strategies for VAT that work well. They look at your business’s structure, supply chain, and transactions to find possible VAT opportunities, lower your tax bills, and make sure you’re following UAE VAT law.

The best VAT experts in Dubai, UAE, are from Highmark. We have a strong history of working well with clients and are always up to date on the latest changes to the UAE VAT law. If you do a lot of research, read reviews from past clients, and ask for tips, you will see that we are the most reputable and trustworthy VAT consultants in the UAE.

In Dubai, VAT guidance services include full consulting and advice from experienced tax professionals to help businesses correctly understand and follow VAT rules. These services cover every part of VAT, from the first assessment and planning to ongoing help, making sure that companies are following the rules and managing their money well.

VAT consultancy services in Dubai can help your business a lot by giving you expert advice, analyzing complicated VAT rules, reducing tax risks, making sure you’re in compliance, maximizing tax efficiency, giving you ongoing support, and evaluating your VAT processes to improve overall financial management and profits.

Yes, reputable VAT consultants in the UAE must have legal licenses and certifications from the proper authorities. When choosing a VAT consulting company, it’s important to make sure that their consultants are licensed professionals with the proper knowledge and skills.

A VAT audit is a thorough look at a business’s financial records and transactions to make sure they are following the VAT rules. VAT consultants can do complete audits to find problems or risks, fix mistakes, and make suggestions for how to make VAT processes better. VAT audits are important because they help businesses stay out of trouble, pay less tax, and keep accurate financial records.

Yes, VAT experts in Dubai often hold training sessions and workshops to teach businesses about VAT rules, requirements, and best practices. These classes aim to help companies to learn more about what they need to do to be VAT compliant and how to do it effectively.

Two or more people who are not separate on an economic, financial, or legal level are considered “related parties” in Dubai. One can have power over the others through the law or by buying shares or voting rights. Economic practices include:

  • Working together to reach a business goal.
  • Doing business that benefits both parties.
  • Selling to the same people.

The relationship’s financial level includes:

  • Financial help.
  • Dependence on the other person’s business.
  • A shared interest in the profits.

Regulatory practices that involve the same management, workers, or shareholders.

In the UAE, a registered person figures out how much tax to charge based on the profit margin plan. When a taxable person buys goods from an unregistered person or from another taxable person in UAE who used the profit margin plan to figure out their tax, the taxable person can use the profit margin to figure out their tax. It also includes selling things for which there is no input tax recovery. The profit margin plan applies to used, moveable goods, antiques older than 50 years, and collector’s items.

Under UAE’s “reverse charge” system, the person who gets the things or services pays VAT instead of the person who gives them. It applies to a taxable person who imports goods or services for business or to a registered person who makes a taxable sale of certain goods with rules to another registered person in the UAE. Under Dubai’s VAT rule, the reverse charge doesn’t apply when the final destination of imported goods is another VAT-using state or when the supply is tax-free.

The UAE VAT law gives special treatment to places called “Designated Zones” that have been approved by the Dubai Cabinet. A Designated Zone must be a separate place with a fence around it. The zone should meet the following requirements:

  • Follow strict control criteria.
  • Keep thorough records of the goods it sends out.
  • Set up security and customs systems.
  • Follow internal procedures.
  • Follow the FTA’s rules.

If a Designated Zone in Dubai changes how it works, it will be considered a part of Dubai for VAT reasons.

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