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External Audit Services in UAE

External Audit Services In Dubai UAE

Highmark’s external auditing firm in Dubai checks the accounting books independently every year. The value of a business depends on this external reporting process. It’s very important to hire the best auditing firm in Dubai, UAE, whether you’re doing an external audit to meet legal requirements or to satisfy the needs of stakeholders. We’ll make you trust that our team of auditors in Dubai has the best financial knowledge to do external auditing services.

With the introduction of VAT, economic substance regulations, and corporate tax, the UAE’s regulatory system is changing quickly. Accountability must be done with what the law or stakeholders expect. Highmark’s experts in external auditing and checks will be extremely competent.

Why Choose Highmark Auditors For External Audit In Dubai?

Highmark auditors will help point out possible problems and give helpful financial advice using economic auditing methods.

Registered partners:

We are registered with the government, most of the Free Zone, and sound banks and banking institutions in the UAE and around the world. 

Highmark accountants are experienced, professionally trained auditors who help with value-added audit services in Dubai, UAE.

Highmark auditors provide the best external audit services in Dubai to make sure that the company’s finances are clear.  

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What Is The Purpose Of External Audit Services In Dubai?

Independent external auditors check a company’s financial records. External audits should be independent, clear, and based on facts. These basic ideas make sure that financial accounts meet all standards for financial reporting and UAE laws.

Financial audits confirm a company’s finances. Financial papers show important facts about a company. A yearly financial audit shows problems with management on the inside and possible risks. These reports also find big problems with finances.

External Audit

Highmark is the only External audit firm in UAE that is not replaceable by an ordinary team of auditors in Dubai. Highmark is a one-stop solution provider for all External audit services UAE, on which your business depends.

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What Is The Process Of External Audit In Dubai UAE?

Audit Planning Client Understanding Risk Assessment Perform Tests of Controls Performing the Audit Audit Report
Before creating a thorough audit strategy, research the audit scope. Getting rid of the chance that the financial records will have serious mistakes The first step in assessing risk is understanding the body and its environment. Analyzing how well the company’s system of controls works to catch or prevent major misstatements. Check to see if the company’s accounting records are in line with local and foreign rules, such as the foreign Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The audit report gives an honest opinion about the financial accounts
Keeping the lines of communication open throughout the process. Find out about the background. Figuring out which risks are important to the company. Putting trust in the control systems based on how well they work. For an auditor to form an opinion, he or she needs evidence, outside confirmation, and internal controls. If the auditor isn’t happy with the facts or explanations, he or she will provide a “qualified opinion.”
Perform walk-throughs of the process. Getting to know the surroundings. Figure out how likely it is that the records will be wrong because of these risks. Weak controls mean that the auditor needs to do more tests. For a good audit, use a sample check with ratios and similarity. Stakeholders may use an audit report as an assessment of the company’s financial situation.
Identify the organization’s, Workflow’, or Function’s Risks. Find out what the internal rules are and how they work. A plan for how to deal with the risk to lessen its effect on the report.
Gather information from trustworthy sources before beginning fieldwork. Figure out the key places where mistakes are most likely.

Benefits Of Hiring Highmark For External Audit Services

Follow the rules set by the government:

Auditing is needed by law in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to make sure that local rules and laws are being followed.

Freedom and being fair:

External auditors look at a company’s financial records in a way that is impartial and independent.  

Legal and business needs:

Laws or contracts may sometimes call for checks from the outside. 

Auditors with knowledge and experience:

External accountants have the skills and knowledge they need to do full audits and find problems, mistakes, or fraud in financial statements. 

Getting more open and taking more responsibility:

The business world becomes more open and responsible with the help of external audits.

Access to the best ways to run a business:

Dubai is a place where businesses and investors from all over the world meet.

Key Elements Of Highmark’s Auditors In Dubai UAE

Ensuring compliance with regulatory laws.

The government of the UAE has strict rules about how any business that works in the UAE manages its finances. Only Highmark-registered auditors can do annual checks if you own a business in the UAE. Highmark accountants will make these auditing reports, making sure that accounting and auditing reports are done correctly according to the law.

Improves the honesty of the finances.

Highmark auditors in Dubai will review your financial records and correct financial statements will result. These statements will help you get a loan from various financial companies.

The external audit services  UAE will help you build your financial standing. Audited financial records will help shareholders decide how to divide or keep profits. Our auditing team will also make a believable report to help the business prepare for future plans to limit shares.

Making sure that cash information is correct.

The in-house financial accountant will give financial information that needs to be verified to make sure it is real, correct, and complete. Highmark certified auditors in Dubai are the only ones who can do these audit planning and verification processes. The reports from our auditor will help you figure out what is position of your business right now, whether it’s making money or losing money, and what steps need to be taken to make sure it grows and makes money in the long run.

Stopping scams and following best practices.

It is very important to keep the company’s valuables safe from both inside and outside threats. Fraud can’t happen in an organization if it has well-designed internal operational rules and follows them strictly. External accounting services from Highmark Accountants will help you look at any parts of your business where money could be stolen. Also, it’s easy to keep track of all the bad financial practices, and the suggestion letter from our experts will help protect against fraud by putting best practices into place.

The need for skills

Highmark has a competitive edge because we have been auditing for a long time. Our team will help you check your financial statements on a daily basis to make sure they are correct and to find any mistakes if there are any. Also, we can suggest changing how the business works to fix the problems. For example, we could increase cash flow, lower interest rates, and write down assets.

Pushing FAQs With Highmark! External Audit Services Dubai UAE

An external auditor is someone from outside who is hired to review the financial records. The auditor’s main job is to give their opinion on how accurate the financial records are and to check if the business is following all laws and rules.

On the other hand, internal auditors are company workers who evaluate the company’s internal controls, processes, and procedures. Their main job is to find risks that the company faces and make sure that the right processes are taken to deal with them. So, internal auditors add value to the way a business already works.

Auditors are hired to assist the organization every year so that they can give an unbiased review of the organization’s financial records and internal controls. An audit is to provide stakeholders confidence that the financial statements don’t have any major errors and are presented fairly and in line with the relevant financial reporting framework.

  1. External auditors are workers who work on their own and are responsible for the following:
  2.  Make sure that the financial statements are made according to the standards for reporting and that the proper accounting practices are used.
  3. Making sure the financial records are correct.
  4. Verifying that the financial statements are free of major errors or fraud.
  5. Give your own opinion on whether or not the financial statements are proper.
  6. Understanding the organization’s internal control environment and making suggestions about weak places.

A qualified audit report is an auditor’s opinion that isn’t final because the scope of the audit was limited or because the auditor and the company didn’t agree on something. There may not be enough proof to back up the audit report, or the auditor and client may not agree on using accounting principles. An auditor gives a clean qualified report if he or she thinks the financial records are fair in all important ways.

  1. They are very important for the following reasons:
  2. They give a company’s financial statements an independent, unbiased, and objective confirmation that they accurately show its financial situation and performance. 
  3. Make sure that the financial details about a company are correct and reliable.
  4. Give investors, creditors, workers, and others with a stake in the business useful information.
  5. It helps build trust, making it easier to borrow money from other countries.

External audit firms are skilled accounting firms that companies hire to look at their financial statements independently, see if they are correct, and follow the law.

During the external accounting process, they look at all of a company’s financial records, how it runs, and how well it follows laws and rules. Also, these firms give investors and other stakeholders confidence that the company keeps correct and reliable financial reports and information.

The goal of an external audit is to give investors and other partners confidence that the financial information a company provides them is correct and reliable.


If the people in charge of choosing an auditor have a well-thought-out plan, it can help the company reach its financial goals. When choosing a firm, you should pay attention to the following things:

  1. The selection criteria should take into account how experienced and skilled the company is.
  2. They should think about the size and reputation of the company.
  3. Signing the commitment letter with the auditors, which says what the goal of the audit is and what they will be doing.
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