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Accounting Software Solutions

Accounting Software Solutions For Small Businesses In UAE

Highmark provides various accounting software solutions for businesses or organizations that want to share their accounting work, such as handling payments. Our highly skilled and experienced accounting staff takes care of your books using the latest accounting tools in the UAE. 

Highmark will set up the best accounting software for your business in the UAE. 

  • This will give you the correct details about the money that you need.
  • This will assist you in keeping track of your cash reports. 
  • This lets you worry less about money and more about running your business.
  • Our accountants know how to use simple accounting tools online for small businesses to take advantage of all the benefits.

Why Highmark Accountants’ Small Business Accounting Software?

Getting a professional like Highmark Accountants to help you choose the accounting software for your business is the best way to avail of these services. Highmark Accountants has the best accounting software options for businesses, no matter what they do or how big they are.


  • Our “turnkey” answer will include all the steps of the accounting system and how it works with the rest of the business.
  • Have a look at what your business needs.
  • Options for accounting tools.
  • Assistance, learning how to use the tools, and doing the data entry and processing services.
  • Interaction with third-party programmes like salary, time management, billing, etc.
  • Training your employees.
  • Adding new tools and updating the system.
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What Is The Process Of Online Bookkeeping Software?

Goals Examination

Observe the financial needs of your business and decide what software tools and services you need. See the size of your business, the reporting needs, system integration, and growth options.

Investigation and selection

Find the right accounting tools for your needs. Consider price, usability, customer service, security, and user comments.

Plan and Processing

Plan how you will use the accounting software once you have chosen it. Give important players jobs to do. Set up a plan and budget.

Data Transfers

If you are moving from manual accounting or the software you use now, you must move your information. Export data from the old system, and make sure that the data is correct and complete during the transfer.

Configuration and Setup

Make changes to the accounting programme so that it fits your business. Set up the chart of accounts, the financial times, the tax rates, the user accounts, and the rights. 


Teach people how to use financial software. Assisting in using and navigating the program, entering data, making reports, and using its features. 


Consider linking your accounting software with other corporate platforms. This will involve connecting financial software to payroll or inventory management systems. Test and review the accounting software before using it: test data entry, reports, and trades. 

Ongoing Support

Keep the accounting system running. Use patches and new versions of programmes when you need to. Deal with user problems and figure out how well it meets the financial needs of your company.

What Are The Benefits Of Software Solutions Services In The UAE?

Small businesses often switch from human accounting methods to business accounting software services because the software will help in all these ways.

  • To enter information that the accounting programme holds
  • The software takes care of administrative jobs.
  • Reporting and getting the word out. 
  • The programme takes care of the payables.
  • The programme keeps track of debts.
  • The software keeps track of the workers’ perks and pay.
  • Online produced reports.
  • Financial accounts.

Accounting Software Solutions

Highmark’s team will assist with accounting software solutions. Our consultancy is not replaceable by an ordinary team of accounting software for small businesses. We are the one-stop solution provider.

For all your questions or problems.

Call us at +971557309266!

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Why Do Businesses Need Accounting Software In Dubai?

Accounting software is a must-have for businesses in Dubai to meet legal requirements, manage finances easily, save time and money, improve accuracy, make it easier for people to work together, and support long-term growth.

Why Need Highmark’s Help With Bookkeeping Software In Dubai?

  • Bookkeeping software is a must-have for businesses in Dubai to fulfil the law.
  • Keep track of finances quickly.
  • Save time and money.
  • Improve accuracy.
  • Make it right for people to work together and support long-term growth.
  • Set up automatic payments, notes, and payments to suppliers and bills.
  • Make sure the transactions you enter are correct.
  • Enter information about transactions into the books to make closings go quickly.
  • Follow the rules and keep accurate records of your money.
  • Make your graphs and papers look more expert.
  • Pay or send money by connecting directly to a bank account.
  • Figure out your workers’ salaries and taxes.

Certain Elements Of Highmark’s Accounting Software

Tally ERP 9: 

Tally is one of the most popular accounting programs in Dubai and the rest of the world. It has many accounting features, 

  • Inventory control.
  • Payroll processing. 
  • Taxation.


QuickBooks is another popular accounting software in Dubai. It can do various accounting tasks.

  • Billing.
  • Tracking expenses.
  • Making financial reports.
  • Managing wages.


Peach tree is a vital piece of accounting software that many companies in Dubai use. Peachtree has features like:

  • Managing accounts payable and receivable.
  • Keeping track of inventory.
  • Handling payroll. 
  • Managing financial data. 


Zoho Books is accounting software that runs in the cloud and is becoming more popular in Dubai. Zoho has features like for 

  • Billing.
  • Tracking expenses.
  • Reconciling bank accounts.
  • Making financial reports. 


Most businesses in Dubai use accounting tools. Xero has features such as:

  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Invoicing.
  • Inventory tracking.
  • Financial reporting. 


QuickBooks Desktop Pro is a complete accounting solution with all the features of a core accounting software programme; QuickBooks have all in one combined package.

  • Accounts payable and receivable.
  • Project accounting.
  • Expenses management.
  • Payroll management. 

Odoo accounting software

Odoo ERP system is a software package for enterprise resource planning. It is used to handle business tasks across an entire company. Odoo offers business apps called Odoo apps that work together.

Mostly Asked Questions On Best Accounting Software In UAE.

  • Any good accounting software can handle billing by sending invoices. 
  • Payment reminders with links to pay online. 
  • Direct transfers and automated bank payments help accounts.
  •  Filling out the most common tax forms and sending them to the IRS online will help with tax payments. 
  • It figures out hours worked, taxes, pay, and payroll fees. 
  • This will save time and makes the books better. 
  • Online accounting tools will alert you to mistakes.
  •  Accounting teams have more time to do more important things.

Data fails to be useful if employees can’t quickly see accurate, up-to-date information and use it to plan, predict, and reach goals. Transactional businesses can learn how, when, and where specific goods are sold.

 Management and other team members may look closely at the latest sales, earnings, assets, and stocks. They can also easily compare material from different periods.

Old, scratched glasses make details hard to see. Past business tools and practices are the same. Accounting software helps teams manage tasks and data and collaborate. 

This big-picture approach helps eliminate mistakes, break down departmental walls, track who is responsible for what, and avoid duplication. 

Changing budgets and costs is easier when everyone can observe the company’s performance. It aids real-world decision-makers like small business owners and startup founders.

Accounting software protects data and checks users. When you use cloud-based applications, your data is saved on a server that is not on your device. This will keep it safe if your device is lost, stolen or a natural disaster happens. And small companies can get the same amount of protection as big ones.

Putting together, writing, double-checking, and sending financial information on paper and in files by hand takes a lot of time and can create mistakes. Keeping up with rules, laws, and tax systems that change all the time makes things worse.

Thanks to the program’s regularly updated templates, accounting and HR software can automate and streamline these tasks. This makes it possible to make reliable financial accounts that follow GAAP and IFRS. Automating tasks takes less time and causes less stress to making quarterly tax projections and yearly tax forms.

Hope and gut feelings aren’t the best ways to make essential choices. Accounting software solutions in Dubai help people make decisions by providing them access to real-time data and key measures, like income, customer buy rates, product sales, and inventory levels, that show how well a coffee shop or bakery is financially doing. This level of control, understanding, and cooperation is a better foundation for making business choices than the static, scattered, and separated ways of manual accounting.

By handling regular accounting tasks, the software can turn-key workers from idle keepers of financial data into active makers of business value. Accounting software’s fundamental features—accuracy, real-time data delivery, visibility, and collaboration—help organizations establish better business plans and communicate across departmental silos, enabling smarter choices.

Because of the spread, many accounting departments have added cloud-based accounting systems that let authorized workers get real-time data and information from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. These features make moving quickly, being accurate, working as a team, and making choices easy.

Accounting software is able to grow with a business as its sales, financial transactions, customers, assets, and payroll get more complicated. Most packages come with sections and add-ons that help handle growth and connect to stocks, bank accounts, credit cards, and other business parts. Companies can also get rid of features that are no longer needed during slow times, moves, or yearly changes.

Cloud-based accounting software for accounting companies sends data to a provider’s remote servers over the Internet, processing it and making it available to business managers. This will help save time, money, and other things. Since the programme is no longer on a company’s PCs or network, the cloud-based method frees up valuable computing room and lets IT workers focus on other tasks. Because software changes on its own, you no longer have to pay for new licences, equipment, system upkeep, or integration. Businesses that operate in markets that change quickly need these perks.

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