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Vat in UAE

After the implementation of VAT in the UAE, businesses that make more than the required amount each year can sign up for VAT with the Federal Tax Authority with the help of our VAT consultants in Dubai. 

Consulting services in Dubai and the UAE are complex for businesses because they need help understanding.

Our VAT consultants will show businesses how to sign up for VAT with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and how to charge VAT on their taxable goods and services.

Registered businesses will also get a tax credit for the VAT they pay on business-related purchases and costs. Our VAT consultants will assist your company in ensuring that all requirements for VAT and rules are under the FTA laws. 

Companies that want expert advice on VAT should call our experts for VAT services in the UAE to avoid paying VAT fees and fines.

Why To Hire Vat Consultants In UAE, After The Strict Rules Of Vat In UAE?

In general, VAT doesn’t add more costs to a business. Instead, every business acts as a mediator for practical tax management on behalf of the government. The result only changes the cash flow. So, tax collection and its performance will be more valuable for every business if it is planned ahead of time and managed well. Our VAT services ensure correct completion of the VAT return and claiming of the paid-in tax as required by law.

These are the benefits of filing a VAT Return

  • Following the rules about VAT shows that a business is trustworthy.
  • Getting along well at work. Many big companies tend not to do business with companies not registered for VAT.
  • Proper VAT accounting makes it clear how the business is doing. 
  • Makes sure that all tax papers are turned in.
  • It reduces the likelihood of receiving fines.

Key Benefits Of Selecting Highmark For VAT Services In Dubai UAE?

High-quality services
VAT consulting firms provide effective help for vat in UAE. They advise you on how VAT will affect your business, pricing, and risk management.
Fast delivery time
VAT services handle registration, returns, records, and law changes. Saving time, effort, and money lets you better use your resources.
Highly experienced team
VAT consultants cut corporate expenses. VAT consultancy will assist with VAT planning, waivers, input tax collection, and other cost-cutting and cash proposals.
Attractive prices
Our UAE VAT consultants will reduce business costs with appealing VAT consultancy services. We advise on VAT planning, exemptions, input tax collection, and cost-cutting methods.
Fast-paced knowledge
VAT consultant helps companies comply with VAT in UAE rules. They handle VAT registration, reporting, recordkeeping, and tax payments. These firms ignore fines. adds value to the business.
Highly committed to work
Our Dubai VAT consultants are committed to FTA compliance. Tax compliance can be handled by the best tax service firm in Dubai UAE.
Vat refund solution
we will your business for audit, look over your VAT processes and paperwork, and show you how to file your VAT return in UAE.

VAT Services In UAE

Highmark Vat consultants in Dubai are not replaceable by an ordinary team of vat consultants in UAE. We are the one-stop solution provider for Vat in UAE on which your business depends. We will door for successful business in Dubai. For all your questions or problems. Call us at +971557309266!

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Highmark’s Answers To Your Important Queries! VAT In UAE

Value Added Tax is abbreviated (VAT), and it is a form of indirect tax. VAT has been effective in UAE since 1st January 2018. VAT is basically a consumption tax that is applied to goods and services as the Value incrementally increases at various stages through the supply chain, and the end consumer will be the one who will get a real impact because of VAT. The imposition of VAT has greatly impacted the operation of the business in the United Arab Emirates.

Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has made it possible for businesses in UAE to get a Tax Registration Number (TRN) by creating an online portal for VAT registration forms.

Highmark Accountants will help your business sign up for VAT online by providing the best VAT services. Your application to register for VAT will be rejected if you make even one small mistake, and the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) may give you a VAT fine. 

Highmark Accountants will ensure your company gets its Tax Identification Number once the complete criteria are met and it isn’t fined for VAT.

Companies must apply for mandatory VAT registration only if the whole value of their taxable supplies and imports was more than the mandatory registration threshold in the previous 12 months or if they are reasonably sure that the total value of their taxable supplies and imports will be more than the mandatory registration threshold in the following 30 days.

The mandatory registration threshold is AED 375,000. This limit doesn’t apply to businesses based outside the UAE. It only applies to businesses that are listed in UAE.

Companies that do business in UAE can also sign up for VAT Voluntarily if: the total value of their taxable supplies, imports, or taxable costs in the last 12 months is more than the threshold for voluntary registration; or

The business thought that in the next 30 days, the total value of its taxable supplies, imports, and taxable costs would be more than the bar for voluntary registration.

The Federal Tax Authority has a website to sign up for online VAT registration in UAE and get your Tax Registration Number (TRN).

VAT filing is required on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis by your business based on the tax period allocated to your business. The VAT return summarizes the VAT received on sales and the VAT spent on purchases during any VAT period. You pay the difference to FTA if the collected amount exceeds the VAT spent. FTA would reimburse any difference if the VAT incurred exceeded the VAT collected.

If you are still looking for the timing of your business VAT Return and the deadline for the VAT payments, then you can check by logging in to the FTA portal and knowing the due date for your VAT returns.

VAT liability is computed as a difference between the output tax payable, which is the amount of VAT you owe for sales (i.e., VAT applied on supplies of goods and services), and the input tax, which is the amount of VAT you can claim for local and international purchases (VAT paid on purchases) for the same tax period.

The computed difference must be paid to the FTA if the gross total output tax exceeds the input tax. However, If the chargeable input tax exceeds the output tax, the excess input tax will be returned to the person who paid it. The business is eligible to subtract this from future payments he has to make to the FTA.

VAT-registered businesses must file for tax returns electronically through the FTA portal eservices.tax.gov.ae and fill in Form 201:

  • Particulars of the taxable person.
  • The period of the VAT return.
  • VAT on sales transactions and all other outputs.
  • VAT on expenses and all other inputs deductible VAT.
  • Net VAT due.
  • Added Reporting requirements.

Statement and Certified Signatory

Overall, VAT accounting services are very important for keeping accurate records, ensuring tax rules are followed, reducing costs linked to VAT, and helping businesses make informed choices. They assist companies with the tools they need to handle their VAT obligations quickly and reduce any risks that might come with doing so.

If your business is in the UAE, hiring VAT consultants can give you peace of mind because you will have experts leading you through the complicated process of VAT compliance. Their knowledge, experience, and guidance can save your business time, money, and the financial risks of not following the rules.

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